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Mijn gebeden

My Prayer of the Morning

I am a tree
with roots, trunk, branches with leafs or without
it depends of the season and the crown.
I close my eyes for just a moment.
And I feel that I am truly the tree by myself.
To earth myself I visualize
a green and yellow energy, healing and light out of Mother Earth
going above along my feet and my legs till just under my tail bone
here I feel this green and yellow light, healing and energy
along my root chakra, my sacral chakra till my solar plexus chakra
here I feel now all this pure energy, healing and light
and let it go further to my heart chakra, my throat chakra,
my third-eye chakra and to my crown chakra.
Now I am earthed in the Mother goddess Earth
I let go a white and yellow light, healing and energy out of Father Cosmos
of the moon, the stars and the sun
3 time over my body from my crown, arms and hands, my whole upper body,
genital area, legs along to my feet and toes.
Then it goes back behind of me from all beneath till my crown.
With a grateful feeling I say now on a calm tone, my prayer of the morning.
I am standing as a tree deep with my roots in the earth
and I receive Prana, Ki and Nwyfre as life energy
along my crown, chakras and auras 3 time
through my essence of divine light.
Along my roots as feet I receive
energy, love and life 3 time above
through my body of light
one thousand time thanks
Mother Earth and Father Air.
Prana, Ki and Nwyfre are names for the life energy
they called it Prana in India, Ki in Japan and
Nwyfre in the Celtic countries from around here.

Edwin Vanmontfort