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Mijn gebeden

My Sun thanks prayer

I close slowly my eyes and
visualize that I levitated
just to the blue thin sky without a little cloud.
In the distance I see the sun as a globe of light and energy
in front of my mind’s eye
full in the light of healing and well-being
without blinding my human eye
because I am too a being of light and
every being of pure light is such as the sun.
Now I can the sun let come closer to me
and visualize the sun which shines at my third-eye chakra,
a little bit above my nose, to let come inside.
And I let go this pure light of healing and well-being 3 times
all over my body from the front of me down to my eyes, face, throat
over my breast, belly, belly button, genital area, upper and lower legs
to my toes and then I let it go back from behind of me above along my heels,
calves, popliteal and the upper legs, my bottom, tail bone through my spinal column,
neck and back of the head till my crown.
Now, I am by myself the sun as source of life of healing and well-being
full of the light of pureness, energy and strength.
I am the sun and therefore I shall not burn by my own heat.
Because I am the sun together with the thousand beings of light and the sunbeams.
When I feel now it is enough, I turn myself around
and I go with these beings of light and the sunbeams
back to the earth what is laying in the full blue thin sky
with or without clouds.
I go back in my own body and I open slowly my eyes.
And now I say with a smile on my face, the Sun thanks prayer.
I am a ray, a channel of light,
of life and of love of the sun.

Edwin Vanmontfort