mijn Triskel

Edwin Vanmontfort

How it goes with all true pure things in life, is it about love or friendship or something other essentially. First of all there is always a feeling, a desire or an impulse deep inside of ourselves of some connection with another human being, with life, with nature et cetera.
With such a feeling of inner connection with everything in life, I passed the threshold between the grade of bards and the grade of ovates. What it is essential a rite of passage from the one grade to the other grade. It was November of the year 2008. Which day it really was I can not remember it precisely. And out of that same feeling of inner connection  I did on the Sunday evening before starting the ovatic journey a ceremony about peace and thanks all the precious things on my altar in my own room. What I did also during my bardic grade on each Sunday evening.
I was sitting in my dark room illuminated of candles and an incense of jasmine scent, presumably. First I visualize a circle of healing and light. Then, I let send peace by the little statues of the Buddhas, which stands on each wind direction in my own room, to each opposite wind directions of each Buddha. The Buddha sitting in the North send peace to the South. The Buddha sitting in the South send peace to the North. The Buddha sitting in the West send peace to the East. The Buddha sitting in the East send peace to the West. Then, I let send all these 4 Buddhas together peace to all the directions of the wind as a symbol for humanity. That there please may come, be and stay peace for everyone all over this world.
Beside of the Buddhas, I let send too peace by the World Peace Flame, which stands on my the red table at the window as my altar, for the hope for peace that always may burn in the hearts of every human being. That there please may come, be and stay peace for everyone all over this world. Thereafter, I say thanks to the 4 elements of nature which stands on each direction of wind symbolized on my altar, into my life and into the great world. In the South I use for the element of Fire an Amnesty International candle. In the West I use for the element of Water a little bowl with a fish design. In the North I use for the element of Earth a little candle inside a salt crystal. In the East I use for the element of Air 4 feathers of a tail of a pigeon. And not to forget of course the 5th element Ether visualized as the space around the other 4 wind directions. Further, I say thanks to the centre the place where all life get shaped in a merge with all elements of nature and all directions of the wind on the rhythm and dance of the seasons. Last but not least, I say thanks to Mother Earth and the moon goddess visible on my altar and to Father Cosmos and the sun god still invisible on my altar.
After a nice evening, I spent in my circle of healing and light with some moments of music and some moments of reading. Before I go to bed, I say thanks to the all statues of the Buddhas, the World Peace Flame, all the candles, the wind directions, the elements of nature, the centre, Mother Earth, the moon goddess, Father Cosmos and the sun god.
And last but least, before I go to bed, they blow out for me all the candles.
It is now more than 5 year ago that I ended my bardic journey through nature and her seasons in visualized form and in the mundane real world. But that is not the whole truth. Shall the journey of a bard stop, actually? No, a heartfelt no. The journey that we walked as a bard through the seasons and nature will never stop. The journey goes on and on. Or, as a true bard in life and shall nature and the seasons on the goddess Mother Earth always be your source of inspiration. Or you go further, such as I do, on the way to the grade of ovates.
Because I feel me a druid by nature, a universal druid, actually.
The only thing I knew were my own experiences of the journey of the bardic grade.
Oh yes, that stone. Yes, that is right! The anchor stone that grounds us on the place where we are. But first, before the journey through the forest really could start, we had to search for a stone what we like. For me it is that stone of the Mont Ventoux, which my parents brought of their holiday to the Provence region of France.
On top of this famous Tour de France mountain there are laying a lot of single stones. One of them is now my anchor stone. And the funny thing about it is that this stone likes a bit as the Mont Ventoux itself.
In between the two grades I had read a book about the everlasting relationship between human beings and trees. Let this be the evidence that that particularly book was the true threshold, actually, the doors of perceptions to go through, the door to the grade of ovates. And that the journey of the bard what I did before, in fact for me did not stop and goes further into time from bard to ovate, from one season to the next season, from tree to tree, from one book to the other book.
After a good rest of the night and a return of dreamland, it gets Monday morning and still November of the year 2008. And as usually I went to a centre for physical disabled people in nearer city Maastricht. This is a place where physical disabled people can go to in the daytime for assistance by their activities. For me, it is the place where I go every Monday and Wednesday. In the morning I draw my attention to make drawings by my poems and sometimes I make also little paintings. Actually, here it is where my creativity came out of myself and where it developed in my own way of art for now almost 13 years. And where it flourish and flourish, God and goddess thanks and still flourish out of my own hands in lots of colours and shapes. In the afternoon I draw my attention to work with this great study of druids in the grade of ovates. And here is it also, where I sit now behind the computer for making this report. First I wrote the eleven pages in my Mother tongue Dutch and now I am translating this whole piece of text in English. For the simple reason that Sally my tutor only can read in her Mother tongue English. But there are also two added reasons, the first one is that it is very good to improve my English and the second thing is that every human being who can read in English and also is interested in my progress through this druidic study can read it.
Unsuspected I would be go this day of November towards a magical experience.
Such as always I made in the morning a drawing at a next poem. After I eat, I always rest a little bit. Also this time. Mostly I go to the gym. After the break they would give there a lesson of Yoga and the room was already arranged for this event. A circle of yoga-mats and chairs. In the centre some brighten lights of candles and an odour of incense. The sun is shining, therefore I sit behind the window. Enjoying of this sun, I drowsed a little bit from it. Suddenly my inner being noticed something through my hearing. It where very clear, soft and pure sounds. The rest of my body and my spirit noticed something too. Not only the warmth of these enjoyable rays of the sun. But I felt something coming from behind me. It where very subtle invisible waves of light and energy from the outside through the inside of myself filled my whole being from my body to my spirit. These atmospheres of sound and energy took me on a little trip into trance and fulfill my whole inner being with light, healing and energy.
After a while I returned in my own body and spirit in the present time and I am aware that these clear, soft and pure sounds came out of little cd-radio.
It appears to be a cd with sounds of gongs and Tibetan singing bowls by the German sound and singing bowls artist Rainer Tillmann. Because I get very enthusiastic about these vivacious atmospheres I bought this cd and another cd by Rainer Tillmann.
This was again a beautiful God’s gift. Actually, I experience this with more things they come on my path of life. The same as how the whole druidic story came in my life. Suddenly, it was there. And it fits precisely in my own life with the visualized way of working in transferring of knowledge and experiences. Because of less muscular strength I can not handle anymore my Tibetan singing bowl. Now these two cds can do it for me. And where for that moment a thread during my whole ovatic grade.
Then my rest-break was over. Therefore, it was time to open the first booklet of gwers (gwers is Welsh for lesson). On the end of that afternoon when I closed that first gwers I was aware
that the grade of ovates is a totally other grade as the grade of bards. Now, it is really important what you want to do by yourself. To walk your own way on your own pace and to listen to your own insights and needs. And also to listen to your inner voice what connect you
with your talents and how you bring it on your own way on and for the world stage.
Before this report of the ovatic journey goes further. First a few moments about this journey of an ovate which I do at Obod (the order of bards, ovates en druids). Beside the travelling aspect through the wood of learning of trees and experiences in the real world and in visualization. There is also it studying aspect through a written study of gwersu and supplementary gwersu (plural of gwers) of informative learning material and a practical of exercises and visualizations.
These gwersu are also a handle and a helpfulness to all subjects and things you could do as ovate for intensification of your own ovatic study.
Because of this fact our inner-being will be nourished and stimulated to give a really voice to your talents. As a gift given in your soul and in your heart. To the truly things inside of you,
which have to come out of you and will be seen not only by yourself and your surroundings.
No, to be seen by the whole world, not only for yourself but for everyone. This depends of course what is relevant for yourself, your inner-being and your own path to go through the forest of life. Because the process of evolution is for everyone of a different kind.
Beside give the supplementary gwersu us information and practical of exercises and visualizations of the places in Great Britain and Brittany of great Celtic and energetic
importance and power.
Well, the beautiful thing about these extra lessons are that they are really gifts send by the gods and goddesses. Because of this, I get the chance to go these places. Actually in visualized form of imagination, to be there by myself at these great unique collected places of energetic importance and power.
Because of my physical disability a progressive muscular dystrophy type Becker with artificial respiration for 24 hours. It is almost impossible for me to go these real mundane sacred place. You could better say not realistic. Then you have to arrange so much things practical, financial and organizational qua transport, sleeping places and nursing. Never ever would my energy that handle.
The practical parts of both gwersu have for me also an extra dimension. Because of this disability I can do it on a different way, on my own way. I can give fulfillment and expression to it to make drawings by it. Whereby it in visualized matter will be powerful.
My path as a human being and as an ovatic druid is in any case a different path then each other human being or druid in the grade of ovates should walk.
This is surely for every walker of the path of life. Actually, every path is and will be never the same for everyone.
And how goes the story further, you would ask? Well, as I remember me clearly. At the beginning of this grade, I take some time to find my own way to consider and decide what I should do or not should do of the ovatic subjects the gwersu hand over.
Further, I sat already from the start in the forest of visualizations to read and study in books about trees. This was also a thread during the long journey of my ovatic grade through wood, life and time.
The three books of trees that I read were two books in the English language and one book in my mother tongue Dutch. The first book was The Celtic Tree Oracle by Liz and Colin Murray and the second book was Ogham: How to Read, Create and Shape Your Destiny Through the Celtic Oracle by Paul Rhys Mountfort. By the way this is not a corruption of a New-Zealandic relative, because of my own surname Vanmontfort.
Well, the first book is actually a tarot with a study and workbook with cards. For me, the cards were not to handle because of my handicap. But the underlying significance, history and effect of this Celtic tree oracle were utmost interesting.
The second book of trees was about to create your own personal tree oracle.
And the third and last book of trees was back in Dutch and called in English The Secret Life of trees – How They Live and How They Matter by Colin Tudge. This is a complete work about the visible and hidden life of trees. I have to say that this book comes very close to the same approach how we druids take action, to take life as a whole.
The writer does take too this approach as a zoologist to include entirely life from zoology, biology, philosophy, geonomy, geography and lots of other scientific disciplines who are occupied with true stories about trees. But also the secrets of these living giving organism seen and unseen for our human eye will be discussed. Through the book he tells many interesting details which are often not known by yourself. Everyone who want to read a solid book about trees, I recommend you this one. It has given me lots more of knowledge, wisdom, admiration and love of and about trees.
When the ovatic journey was a halve year going on there happened two wonderful things in my life. I moved and I met someone both in the month of May.
I moved from the temporarily building of Geuloord, a centre of living for disabled people, to the new building of it both in the village of Bunde. After we moved in they give it a new name Aan de Pas. It is a large building were 18 people with a physical disability live together
independently. Everyone has there his or her own room with a separate shower and large windows with folding doors to a terrace, outside.
Actually, we moved on the same terrain twice in 5 year. First from the old one to the temporarily one and then from the temporarily one to the new one without changing of address.
When we settled in that temporarily one beside the old building they take down the old Geuloord for many inhabitant and employee with a tear of sentiment and nostalgia.
After they elevated the ground, they build our new home. It was last May already 5 year ago that we established ourselves in our new living place.
An interesting anocdote about the first morning when I awoke after my first night in my brand new room. It was in the early afternoon. After they washed me, clothed me and sat me in my electric wheelchair, I looked outside through the large windows. I was surprised to see the same view that I had in my room where I left the day before, but then out of a wider perspective. The new view goes literally over the old one. But my room and my view on the silverleaf poplar trees, the maple trees and on the cherry-tree are still a thread in my daily life, in my spirituality and in my activities. And in the distance behind the full leafs of the trees is the hillside of the forest of Bunde in this springtime almost invisible on the background.
Now the encounter. Almost simultaneous with my removal I meet Frederique. We meet each other through a spiritual dating website. Because of the move the internet and e-mail was shut down for 10 days. After I had opened my inbox of the dating website I was very much surprised that I had received a message. I read it and send her one back. After a couple of days of an intensive interaction of mails we decided already to send the next messages to our own e-mail-addresses. On the Friday of the same week we got too our first meeting on a bank under the trees at the train station of Bunde. There was clearly a click of contact and connectedness. And I felt too right away in love for her with the small letter l as love between a woman and a man. But unfortunately it was not from both sides. After a lot of tears of broken-heartedness I finally admitted it and then there happened something wonderful. Because of the lots of mails we send to each other about life and the intense deeper things of life there was something triggered towards one another. Therefore our contact and our bond was transformed into a friendship full of Love with the capital letter L for a more transcending and universal significance of Love for everything in life. Whereupon we are on our own unique path through life for each other a soul of light in life, in spirituality and in the transcending sense of oneness of consciousness. The sacrifice of the love with that small letter l what I sincere felt for her was the only concession I had to make. To be honest I lost her ratherly as a lover than as a friend. Where I am grateful for thousand and thousand time the god and the goddess of life. Because true friendship of both sides is the most sacred thing in whole my life what there is. Thereupon each human being shall and will be more pure, more as a whole and more themselves. Because of these two wonderful things my own life flourish again and my true nature of my being is brought forward.
With the further progress of deepen through the gwersu they told things about getting lost in it visualized forest of the ovates and to take breaks. The times when the study has stopped for a while. And they told about walking of the sideways of the main path of an ovate in evolution.
After I had read these sentences. Initially, I thought that can happen but for me maybe it shall
go different. No, I too lost my way a little bit. Actually it where blind alleys. Whereby you
always be quick back on your own wonderful journey what the ovatic journey is.
The question is how many breaks I took and not to mentioning how many sideways I tread.
Well, I am really lost count. One time I took a pause for reading again two books in the English language related to this second grade. And the other time I took a pause to take a holiday. Than the sideways, one time it was for something to know more about or something for daily or trivial matters. And the other time to do something essential or personal or intimate.
Because of all that reading of lots of English books is also my love of this tongue increased very much. One of these books was Spell of senses by David Abram and this book goes about the difference in worldview between the western philosophical and those of the native people around the globe. The western philosophical approach of the reality is in the most cases one of separation against all of the living essences and the approach of the reality of the native people is one of connection with all the living essences. Where life and all forms of life are one in the jigsaw of life and where every piece of this jigsaw has equal rights of living, not alone for human beings. The interesting thing of this book are the story about the vision on the world and life of these native people. It was similar to my own vision and perception on life and the world.
Another book that I read was Glastonbury, Avalon Of The Heart by Dion Fortune. It was a splendid book what you immediately take away out of your own environment into the surroundings of Glastonbury. On the same way as the supplementary gwersu does. But in this case takes the writer you away. And you get a feeling if you are really at that place. 
Actually, she takes you to the Glastonbury of a long time ago. The first book of it was already publicised in the 1930. And it was written in an old-fashioned English. Well, in a sense she also takes you to the mysteries of these marshlands and about the sea, Avalon, Merlin, Joseph of Arimathea, the cup of life, the English Jerusalem and the early Christianity.
To complete my list of books, I read at home also 2 books. One in English and one in my own Dutch tongue. The English book was Quest of Merlin by Nikolai Tolstoy and is a quest of the writer to the true Merlin throughout the history and mythology. Actually there are two Merlin’s or even more known. But the writer discovered one Merlin what is more universal and connected with central places of light and energy (axis mundi) such as Stonehenge and connected with trees of life such as the Yggdrasil-tree of the Norwegian mythology. The Dutch book was Dialogue with Nature by the princess Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld of the Netherlands. She is an unique woman who became aware of the band and the connection between everything in nature. Such as the title of the book already says goes to book about the dialogue of herself with nature. What several time occur in her life.
When I read this wonderful book, I came at some sentences  about the dragonfly what was related to another book. This was also my last book that I read for my ovatic grade. It was an English one and the title of it is Medicine Cards The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams & David Carson. The book with cards is actually a tarot that goes back to the spiritual way of life of the native American Indians. The both writers have Indian blood.
For me, such as The Celtic Tree Oracle it was not possible to handle the cards. But again the interesting part was what is truth behind the cards as the significance of the characteristic of the animal and the spiritual way of life of these native Indians of America.
This way of life has a close contact with the holliness of nature and of respect with the animals of your own surrounding. What we as human beings can learn of this animals and what we as human being can learn of nature. This way of life corresponds with the druidic way of life.
All these read books where a thread during my ovatic grade such as the gwersu and the supplementary gwersu. But actually there were more points of support such as the cd’s with Tibetan singing bowls, doing of my own daily meditations and exercises of energy.
My further interest about deepening my ovatic skills are to get more knowledge
about the hunnebeds, more developing of Nwyfre that is life force the Celtic version of the Eastern concepts of Prana and Ki and to make my meditations, exercises and visalisations of healing and force more pure.
And to create 2 ovatic creations. The first creation is a cranebag. And the second creation is my own sacred healing grove. The cranebag. This is a kind of carrier bag where an ovate
can put things in what he or she needs for his or her ovatic work.
Then you could think about things such as a stone and a feather or another object that crosses your way or draws your attention. And then you pick it up and take it with you as an extraordinary symbolic object. Or you can put herbs or flowers in it that you just had gather or you can fill it with curative things. Or you could use it as a satchel for your gwersu or your Celtic tree oracle or that book with explanation of the ogham or other things who are important to you or for you. For a while I have use it also as a satchel, but it was to fragile to use it twice every week hanging on my wheelchair. It was subject to a lot of damages.
Now I use it as a decoration on the wall of my room with a symbolic value and when I need
now some healing force or energy. I only have to watch to the wall. Actually, you can compare a cranebag the best with a carrier bag of the medicine men or women to the native people. Mostly, it is a bag made by yourself, such as mine. First I have make a drawing. This time not with my coloured pencils, but for the first time with the computer.
The drawing is full of symbolic value of myself. Above on the left side a sun and a high flying bird and above on the right side a full moon. At the bottom on the left a tree full of green with a woman and man besides it. And at the bottom a cat and a flower full of blossom.
In the central part of the drawing there is a black cross that stands for the 4 directions of wind with 3 coloured circles in it and through it. The outer circle is yellow and stands for the element of Air. The center circle is blue and stands for the element of Water. And the inner circle is red and stands for the element of Fire. In and on the red circle there have I put a green pentagram. This is symbol of the earth and the human beings. In the upper peak of this 5 peaks of star is the head in contact with the fatherly divine cosmic energy and force. The
peaks on the both side are in contact with all other living beings. The both lower peaks are in contact with the motherly divine earthly energy and force. In the middle of the pentagram
there is a heart as symbol for our own heart. And on the left side of the pentagram there is an yin/yang symbol and on the right there is a sign of peace symbol. These 3 symbols the heart, the yin/yang and the peace sign are my own symbols where I work with every single day.
The yin/yang is the bridge between the earth and the cosmos where healing begins, the heart of light of love and friendship is the key and the peace amplifies all and everybody in joy and grief.
When the drawing was ready, first (Aunt) Elly has measured a white yellow piece of cloth on the size of the carrier bag. Then Resi embroidered the drawing on the front it. Then the bag was returned to Elly. She transformed the piece of cloth into my cranebag with on the flap two feathers of a pigeon crossed over each other as symbol of healing and happiness.
From out of my heart, again thank you very much ladies for the beautiful final result!
Now, we come at my second creation my own ‘sacred healing grove’. In the bardic grade I already had made my own ‘sacred grove’ where I do my daily meditation and light body rituals. This is a visualized place of a real location in a Belgian forest near the town of  Zutendaal. This was also the place where I often camped with tents as a child.
The sacred healing grove is too a visualized place of a real location, but then here in the Netherlands near the entrance of the forest of Bunde. Not far away from my own place of living in the town of Bunde. Whereby I am and I keep in balance with my fatherland Belgium and my motherland The Netherlands. The last location I visited a few times a year in real.
For me it is a nice sacred place where I also do everyday in visualized form for my eyes my sun, energy and healing exercises and rituals.
Close your eyes and you are in a forest.
On a special place and you feel a stream from a source.
The water will purify, heal and recover you.
The wind will blow away all your worries and all the things they not matter.
The trees will give you new life, strength, energy, fullness, purity,
joy, friendship, love and happiness.
Now we go gradually to the end of this corporal report of my ovatic journey. And also is the visualized journey through the forest almost coming to an end. The light is here still green as a forest, but the trees let go a little bit more yellow sunlight through it. And the human activities of meadowland, field or village are in the distance also a little bit audible. Whereby the edge of the woods is not far away. 
But for we leave the forest to go back to peopled world, I have to say one thing what is deep
in my visualized forest of blood, heart and soul. To say it in ovatic visionary way.
It is a preeminent real ovatic topic that deals about the sexuality. This is also a topic of the gwersu. By nature this is for me the most difficult question there is in life.
They say that the things we as human being find the most difficult, we defer it at the last moment. As well as for me. Because this is a topic of the gwersu. I came face to face with my
own intimacy. Without to go in further details this is a thing I am reserved by nature.
And I think also that sexuality is a subject of and for yourself, unless you have a lover than it is a subject your share with each other.
What I certainly will tell is that there is a underlain motive of my history of many broken relationships. Whereupon my heart was frozen for some time. And I have this in my Buddhist period for some time maybe about 5 years literal pushed deep away in myself everything what
had to do with love, relationships and intimacy. But thanks to the god and goddess of life that my heart slowly is de-frozen and opened again for love, relationships and intimacy.
However the new formed relationships broke one by one. Separately of the sentiment I felt always love for her. And I thought always that she was the true woman of love in my life.
But always after some time the opposite appeared. One good friend of mine once told me that I never have meet the true woman of love in my life.
Because of the meeting with Frederique and the thoroughgoing contact and connection we have with each other. My heart really opened again for the true life and I saw what my life
needed to become a whole human being with hope, wishes and desires. Whereby I complete could be and be myself. But unfortunately the love that I too felt for her was again unrequited
despite the bond of friendship full of Love that we now feel for one another. Because of this
 I came again stuck with my own feeling of love, relationships and intimacy. Literally nowhere to go to with that heartfelt feeling of mutual intimacy and love for a woman, not to give and not to receive. The struggle with my own sexuality was not resolved. The longing to be one with a woman in my life was still emerging in me.
I thought I had found the solution in myself through visualisations with a real daughter of Mother Earth or a fantasy woman as a dryade. This went good for awhile, but after some time the real mutual contact of intimacy between a man and a woman was haunting in me.
Till I came across on my way with Tantra. At one point I don’t know how and when I came in contact with the teachings of Barry Long. He said of himself that he teaches the original Tantra. Where he men and women let see how to live together in truth and love. He passed away in 2003. In the beginning I was very enthusiastic about his teachings about truly love and intimacy between man and women. But because you have to be with two persons to do his tantric exercises in there fullness. Unfortunately, I am quite with his teachings. In that same time I meet a turtle-traditional-witch-woman where I on the same manner spiritual and energetic with respect and love can give expression on my feeling of mutual intimacy and love. And then I got also my Tantric vision in the poem ‘Tantra’. But nevertheless I kept struggling with my own intimacy. For such an encounter is just a moment of mutual intimacy. Because afterwards you are again alone with that feeling of no reciprocity of love and intimacy not to can give and not to can receive. And is the emptiness a deep echo and is the absence still more urgent than ever to be one with mutual lover in a relationship.
Because a relationship in true love and friendship of oneness with each other is what I want and where my heart to desired. After many times of a reciprocal encounter with her from heart to heart she went to another direction of life to focus her more on Biodanza.
After this I meet a turtle-tantra-woman where I on the same manner spiritual and energetic with respect and love can give expression on my feeling of oneness. She is maybe less spiritual, but she has more knowledge and competence of Tantra and energy. 
However, I get all over again full in fire of longings to women who are unreachable which is a blind alley for me. Sometimes I really do not know where to go to with myself and to go totally crazy of all these desires. Which burn my totally out, figuratively speaking.
Now, I come on one point that I can not go further on this way. And that I really something essential have to change towards my own intimacy. Also through the experiences that I get with the turtle-mother-earth-women and that I always again and again get stuck in my own sexuality, therefore I give now Tantra a second chance. To begin with I am going to crawl myself into the books to study Tantra out of a wider perspective. Including out of a Buddhist corner of a Tibetan lama, out of a Hinduism corner on the kundalini Tantra way of an Indian Swami, out of a Yoga corner of a reputed Belgian Yoga teacher, out of an art historian corner of a feminine American professor and out of an energetic art of healing corner of a feminine Canadian shaman. Beside to resume again with the teachings of Tantra of Barry Long and my further encounters with the turtle-tantra-woman. And then I can say it as a definitive statement
if Tantra can or can not be contribute as a solution of my intimacy. A Dutch saying says Time gives guidance what reflect the most on this subject. To study Tantra out of that wider perspective will be reconfirmed the universal aspect of my being as a druid. Will you be a true universal druid as me, you shall not alone put out of the Celtic wealth of spirituality of nature.
But you will be put also out of all the good things of all the spiritual wealth of all the different kinds of spiritualities there are on Mother Earth. Whereupon a human being can be more an universal child of Mother Earth. And I can be more an universal druid of life and for all the people on Mother Earth.
Before I went definitive out of the forest, there happened something special in the visualized forest of ovates. I had to do the last 4 gwersu. There was a real moment of synchronous between a documentary that I saw and a supplementary gwersu that I studied. In this report of the ovatic journey I have already mentioned earlier about the special effect and appreciation on myself and for myself of these supplementary gwersu. That I therefore in visualized manner could go to the places of great Celtic and energetic importance and power
of Great Britain. But what happened then.
Well, I read the very last supplementary gwersu about the Isles of Orckney in the far Scottish North about ancient settlement of Skara Brae and the Tomb of the Eagles.
This felt quite surprisingly together synchronized with watching the documentary ‘Standing with stones’ by Michael Bott and Rupert Soskin about the Neolithic and Bronze age monuments of Great Britain and her Isles. And where ends this documentary? Right, on Ockney at the ancient settlement of Skara Brae and the Tomb of the Eagles. Is it not wonderful that these 2 things came together actually happened around the same moment of time.
After all these years of staying in that vivid wood of studying of the gwersu and lots of ovatic subjects in books and out of life itself full with knowledge, experiences, truths and wisdoms about trees, life, exercises of energy and visualizations. The moment was there to leave that pathway that me first brought deeper into the forest of ovates. And now that same pathway brought me back to the real edges of the wood with the surroundings of meadows, fields and villages .
And from here, I could take the path back out of the total green and brown environment of that wood in direction of the peopled world. And go back to my home where the true and the pure life waits in the full blue and yellow light of day. 
When I was just back at home, after I had left the visualized forest I had to get used the most
on that bright daylight of the world of people. Initially, I was almost blinded by all the intensity of that light.
Now, I am already for some time busy with finishing my ovatic grade by making of 4 assignments where this report of my ovatic journey the third is. The first assignment is
a two-piece as an ovatic gift for everyone. The first part of it is a visualisation with drawings and the second part of it is an explanation about my way of working upon visualisations and its drawings. The second assignment is an essay about the relationship between my poems, my drawings, my way of life and the work of druids in general. The both assignments are written by myself directly in the English language. And my last assignment will be a summary about how I do now my meditations, visualisations and exercises of energy in my ovatic grade.
Well, and there happened again a wonderful experience last November 2013 on holiday. I had read a couple of weeks before I went on holiday an article in the autumn edition of the Dutch OBOD quarter magazine Dryade about a stone circle near a Dutch village called De Lutte in the region Twente in the Nord East of The Netherlands. And yes, let this be the village we go to on holiday this year with the foundation Duck (an organization where people with a physical disability can go on holiday) with 10 guests and about 10 volunteers.
The stone circle is just outside the village of De Lutte and is called Bloemenbeek just as the opposite hotel with the same name Bloemenbeek. What means in English stream of flowers.
The stone circle that they realised there is just like Stonehenge in England a sundial as calendar. Admittedly qua longevity it is not an ancient one build by ancient stone circle builders. But this stone circle is from a younger age about 10 years ago build by contemporary builders with the same ancient knowledge, effect and precision as a sundial calendar which the ancient stone circle builders used to build Stonehenge. And therefore they call this circle of stones also the Stonehenge of the region Twente. The stones they used for building it are a rock also out of a grove somewhere in the region of Twente.
Well, on an afternoon in that particular November week between the showers of rain of the previous night and the coming rain of the evening ahead. Now was the moment. There was planned a little walk to the stone circle Bloemenbeek. A handful of guests and volunteers we went on walk. Just outside the village we saw the beautiful little sloping landscape of Twente.
We saw very quickly in the distance the hotel Bloemenbeek and suddenly we were at the circle of stones. And there I stood for the first time in my life face to face before a true stone circle. With a feeling of respect and silence we went on the higher oval piece of land where the stone circle stands. Because of the heavy rain of the night before, it was not so evidently with electric wheelchairs and manual moved wheelchairs to come at the circle.
Finally after a lot of push and pull force of the volunteers they went with of us, fortunately  we came with all of us at the middle of the circle.
For photographs see www.vredeswens.nl/steencirkel_bloemenbeek.html
In the centre of this circle of stones stands a erected large carved out stone in a shape of an open heart with in the middle a cross as a sword as symbol for the 4 directions of the wind.
The point of the sword is on the bottom cleaved in a comet stone as symbol of our cosmic origin as human beings. And on the upper side of the sword is a pigeon probable symbol for world peace.
The further symbolic meaning of this stone circle is of a Christian kind, where is nothing wrong with. This is the belief of the fellow human beings of the Twente. 
Further I have experienced that the circle and the centre of it has a life force and an energy. One of the volunteers, Jacinta, has a sensibility for universal life force and energy. She did the test. She laid her hands on the sword and comet stone for some minutes long silent and full with an awe of a sensible posture. Afterwards I asked her what she truly had felt. She said although the sword and comet stone was ice-cold. She had felt warmth, life force and energy through her hands all over her body. And that this warmth, life force and energy was of such a pure quality that she almost had to shake of it and that she almost had to cry of it out of pure happiness.
I have to say that through this transfer of experiences my ovatic journey is very much successful.
And therefore may I ask you, my ovatic tutor, Sally, to be allowed for going further towards to the great and all-embracing grade of druids.
And may I say thank you to the god and the goddess of life for the given inspiration, guidance, life force, energy, healing, love and peace during this grade of ovates.
One thousand time thanks.

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